Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday's Poem: The Red Cross Nurses

The Red Cross Nurses
Out where the line of battle cleaves
The Horizon of woe
And sightless warriors clutch the leaves
The Red Cross nurses go.
In where the cots of agony
Mark death's unmeasured tide-
Bear up the battle's harvestry-
The Red Cross nurses glide.

Look! Where the hell of steel has torn
Its way through slumbering earth
The orphaned urchins kneel forlorn
And wonder at their birth.
Until, above them, calm and wise
With smile and guiding hand,
God looking though their gentle eyes,
The Red Cross nurses stand.
-Thomas L. Masson (from: A Treasury of War Poetry, 1917)


Lit and Life said...

I was just at the World War I museum in Kansas City yesterday and there is a section devoted to women in the war, including the nurses. This fits in so well with the way the material is presented there. It's like you knew my travel plans!

Serena said...

great poem. very nice. thanks for sharing it.