Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Two Mrs. Abbotts

Title: The Two Mrs. Abbotts
Author: D.E. Stevenson
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 282
Published: 1943
Date Finished: 5 July 2009
My Rating: 5 Stars
Challenges: 100+, Library, Numbers

What can I say? I simply adore Barbara Buncle/Abbott. My only complaint about this book would be that there was not enough of Barbara featured in the novel. Thankfully the other characters were just as fun and charming to read about as Barbara herself.
From the opening page I found myself smiling and laughing and enjoying this book's lighthearted tone, charm and humor as much as I did in the first Miss Buncle book.

This 3rd and final book in the Miss Buncle series finds Barbara in the midst of World War II raising two children. Even with the war raging and duties of motherhood Barbara is able to find time to try her hand at matchmaking or undoing matches, as the case may be. All done in her innocent way of course.
Much of the book actually focuses on the second Mrs. Abbott, whom we met in Miss Buncle Married. Jerry Abbott's home is being taken over by a military regiment and war refugees and she has her hands full keeping up the home and like the other Mrs. Abbott, trying to play matchmaker. I felt that Jerry lacked some of the charm and subtlety that Barabra possessed but the other characters who make up her home are almost all delightfully fun to read about.
This book saw the return of many characters from the previous novel and even one from Miss Buncle's book. There were also new characters and plenty of matchmaking and hidden identities to create a very humorous and gentle look at life in this small English village during World War II.
I'm a little sad to have reached the end of the Miss Buncle books. Luckily for me D.E. Stevenson was a rather prolific writer and my library has a good selection of them on the shelf still. I think I will start in on the Mrs. Tim Christie series next.


Tricia said...

The Four Graces has some crossover with The Two Mrs. Abbotts. I just got that one out at the library.

I have you to thank for reading D.E. Stevenson. I love her. My mom loves her. Her book club loves her. Thank you!!

verity said...

I'm glad to have found another Mrs Buncle fan even though I prefered books 1 and 2 to the third.
I'm also looking forward to reading more DE Stevenson.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm so sad our library doesn't have this one! I'm starting on her other books too, though.

Sheila DeChantal said...

Havent read these but they sound good.