Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss Buncle Married

Title: Miss Buncle Married
Author: D.E. Stevenson
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 323
Published: 1936
Date Finished: 25 June 2009
My Rating: 4 Stars
Challenges: 100+, Library, Seconds

Miss Buncle Married is the sequel to the delightfully charming Miss Buncle's Book. I found Miss Buncle Married to be almost as delightful as the first.
Miss Buncle is now Mrs. Abbott but marriage has done little to stop her from finding herself mixed up in little humorous scraps and trying to, innocently, sort out other people's lives.
I think Barbara's husband, Arthur Abbott, does the best job of summing up Barbara. "The strangest thing about Barbara, Arthur reflected, the strangest thing about this strange woman who was now his lawful wedded wife was that although she understood practically nothing, she yet understood everything....she certainly had an extraordinary power of getting underneath people's skins. Without being conscious of it herself she was able to sum up a person or situation in a few minutes. People's very bones were bare to her-and she had no idea of it. "
In this second installment of the Miss Buncle books Barbara and Arthur are setting up a home in a new town and are surrounded by a whole new cast of quirky and interesting neighbors whom Barbara is struggling not to pick up pen and write about as she is rather happy and does not want to have to move again.
I enjoyed this book a great deal but do feel it lacked some of the charm of the first book. Some of the secondary characters just lacked the humor and interest I felt for the characters in the previous book.
I did enjoy the little twist at the end, just when you thought things were going to play out a certain way, Barbara and the reader are thrown for a fun little loop.
I am not done with Miss Buncle or D.E. Stevenson. They are great books for a relaxing, enjoyable read.


Lit and Life said...

Wherever did you find such an old book? Sounds charming!

Sheila DeChantal said...

What a fun review. It reminds of something you would read in a cozy porch swing in a three season porch with a selection of tea... both hot and cold...

Cristina said...

Hello there! Lovely blog and I enjoyed your entries about Miss Buncle. I have only today completed my Miss Buncle trilogy! I will embark upon reading them soon. I don't know if you're aware but the third and final Buncle book is entitled 'The Two Mrs Abbotts'. Can't wait to read these - I wanted to make sure I had the whole trilogy before I dive in :-)

Angie said...

I've never heard of the Buncle books before - but they sound like the kind of books that I would love. I'm going to add them to my to-read list.

Thanks for the review.

GeraniumCat said...

I plan to read Miss Buncle's Book the minute I can get to the Persephone Bookshop, but I think I will have to add the other two the my reading list before I've started the first - it soubds lovely.

Elaine said...

Until recently I had never read DE Stevenson, now I am finding references to her everywhere. Miss Buncle Married is out of print and hard to find but I actually have a copy of the same edition illustrated on your blog. WOndered how you managed to track it down? I also have the Two Mrs Abbots but that is another difficult one to obtain also. DE Stevenson has written loads and on a recent trip to Hay on Wye in the UK where the town has over 30 bookshops I managed to purchase about 20 books by this author. They are delightful, yes a little old fashioned but Sheila has it right when she says 'something to read in a cozy porch with a selection of tea' or in my case here in England, curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit!

Jeanette said...

Sorry for the delay in responding to your comments. Have been out of town for several days.

Lit and Life- It is charming! :-) I first discovered Miss Buncle's book and D.E. Stevenson through Persephone books. They reprint mid century novels, mostly by women, that have kinda fallen into obscurity. They have many wonderful titles. I enjoyed reading Miss Buncle's book so much that I started searching out other books by D.E. Stevenson.

Sheila-I actually read a fair bit of the book while relaxing in my hammock in the backyard. Very enjoyable.

Cristina, Angie, Geranium Cate-I hope you enjoy them. I've had 3 people I know reading the series since I recommended it and they've all enjoyed it. I just gave my mom a copy of Miss Buncle's Book last week.

Elaine- I've only recently discovered D.E. Stevenson myself, thanks to Persephone. After reading Miss Buncle's Book I wanted to read more and was able to find a library that has a rather large selection of her books still on the shelf. The ones I can't get there I can order through inter-library loan.
I hope there is a little resurgence in her popularity and that more of her books will get reprinted as a result.

Laura H said...

Ok read the first book and liked it alot. Went to request this book but its not at either Library systems (this includes about 10 branches) so I check Amazon. I mean how much could a sweet little book like that cost?? First price $130.00!!! I want to know what happened but not that bad.

Leslie said...

Hi, I have been reading D E Stevenson for many, many years and have the lot. I've read them all countless times. (I particularly like the Mrs Tims.)

Well, apart from Peter West which I got out of the library and really didn't care for at all. So I won't be reading that again.

I don't like The World of Spell either.

I am currently rereading Miss Buncle Married, I have a 1936 edition. And I have just finished listening to Miss Buncle's Book on audio book from itunes.