Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dandelion Wine

Title: Dandelion Wine
Author: Ray Bradbury
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 281
Published: 1946
Date Finished: 14 May 2009
My Rating: 2 Stars
Challenges: 100+, Library, New Author, Spring, Daring Girls

I am at a bit of a loss as to what to write about this book because I was, frankly, at a loss reading most of it. I just seem to be hitting upon a lot of books that are so beloved by others but just didn't appeal to me at all. I know this book is well liked by legions of people but I just thought it was kinda weird.
Dandelion Wine really seemed to be a collection of short stories involving many of the same characters during the summer of 1928 in a town in Illinois. There is really not much of a plot arc but that is usually fine with me as long as the characters are ones I care about. Hmm. Not so much in this case.
Poetic? I guess you could say that but I found it to be more of a hodge podge of words and strange stories. I did enjoy some of the stories but overall I just did not connect with this book. So many people love it though, so maybe you will too.

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Jules said...

I haven't even heard of this book. But I have had times where I've read a book everyone really enjoys, and it just falls short for me.

Interesting title though.