Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Non-Fiction Five

I just finished a really interesting book about Jacob Riis and realized that I need another good non-fiction book to read. That reminded me that the Non-Fiction Five challenge starts in a few days and I still hadn't signed up.
Trish is hosting the challenge this year and the basic idea is to read 5 non-fiction books between May and September (visit the sign up post at Trish's Reading Nook to get all the details.) I really enjoy non-fiction and have created a list of books that I think I will be reading in the coming months.

  • Jane Austen: A Life by Clair Tomalin
  • House of Abraham by Stephen Berry
  • Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish
  • Walking with Beatrix Potter by Norman Buckley
  • The Perfect Summer: England 1911, Just Before the Storm by Juliet Nicolson
  • We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Battan by the Japanese by Elizabeth M. Norman

I know that is 6 books and we only need to read 5 but I have so many non-fiction books in my TBR list right now that I could easily list more than 20...

Books Read:
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Fred Astaire by Joseph Epstein
Posters for the People by Ennis Carter
At Home with Beatrix Potter by Susan Denyer
The Journal of Helene Berr by Helene Berr


Trish said...

Yay Non-fiction!!! I haven't read anything on your list but you've got some fascinating titles! Even a lot of ":" :) We joked in school that it couldn't be a good non-fiction book if there was no colon in the title.

Good luck, Jeannette! And is that baby here yet? Guess I should check the little stork-meter.

Trish said...

19 weeks! How is that possible? :) For some reason I thought you were further along...

Serena said...

Psst...I gave you an award here: http://www.savvyverseandwit.com/2009/04/lovely-savvy-verse-wit.html

Nan said...

I loved, loved, loved Little Heathens!


Laura H said...

I loved Little Heathens too.