Monday, February 23, 2009

Tender Morsels

Title: Tender Morsels
Author: Margo Lanagan
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Pages: 436
Published: 2008
Date Finished: 2 Feb 2009
My Rating: 1 Star
Challenges: Library, New Author, 100, Young Adult

After enduring many unspeakable cruelties, Liga is granted a magical safe haven to live in and raise her two daughters. They live in this alternate reality free from anyone or anything cruel or unkind. Others begin to find ways of entering this magic haven and soon the barrier between the two worlds begins to break.
I heard so much praise about this book that I was very eager to read it. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be one that I did not enjoy at all and really probably should have stopped reading.
Tender Morsels takes the story of Snow White and Rose Red and turns it into something crude and grotesque. Child molestation, and gang rape against both male and female characters are just two examples of the events that left me feeling sick after reading. Pretty much all of the male characters could think of nothing but getting into the pants or skirts of women and I had to read about it over and over and over again. I got tired of reading about all these horny guys and bears. Yes, bears.
I've read so much praise describing this book as beautiful and moving but I found nothing beautiful at all and the story just grew tedious the more I read.
A book that is loved by many but that I found disturbing and uncomfortable to read.

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Kim said...

This sounds pretty awful. Thanks for the heads up.