Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

I am among the endless ridges, forests, streams, waterfalls and wildlife of the Great Smoky Mountains. I've traveled through what was once the land of the Cherokees and watched as the new Americans began to settle in the Oconaluftee Valley. I've marveled at what it took to build communities in these mountains and how these people became dependent on themselves, making and growing everything that they needed. War and logging came along and began to slowly change the way of life for these mountain communities and now there is a movement brewing to turn this land into a National Park. What will that mean for the families who live and farm in these mountains? (It's Tuesday, Where Are You?)

"Nothing fostered these peoples' early gropings toward community more than stories. Legends and tall tales, begun in family conversations and embellished by neighborly rumor, forged a bond, a unity of interest, and a common history in each valley and on each meandering branch." (Teaser Tuesdays)

Mountain Home: A Pictorial History of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by Wilma Dykeman and Jim Stokely.


Margot said...

You make this book sound inviting. I really like the writing you did on the "Where Are You?" part. Very good description. Thank you.

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

This book sounds interesting - I really like the feeling of closeness in the teaser. :) Wendi

Corinne said...

So, we're doing a lot of the same challenges!! Good luck winning my sister's book - and it's totally possible that you're related to her husband - apparently there are LOTS of Tolmans :)