Monday, December 1, 2008


Title: Savvy
Author: Ingrid Law
Genre: Juvenile
Pages: 342
Date Finished:18 Oct 2008
My Rating: 5 Stars

This book pretty much enchanted me from start to finish.
"Settling directly between Nebraska and Kansas in a little place all our own, just off Highway 81, we were well beyond hollering distance from the nearest neighbor, which was the best place to be for a family like ours.
"Monday through Wednesday, we called our thin stretch of land Kanaska. Thursday through Saturday, we called it Nebransas. On Sundays, since that was the Lord's Day, we called it nothing all, out of respect for His creating our world without the lines already drawn on its face like all my grandpa's wrinkles."

Savvy is the story of Mibs Beaumont, who on the eve of her 13th birthday is waiting to discover what her savvy will be. Her Grandfather can move the earth, one of her brothers can create storms and the other creates electricity, while her mother does everything perfect (she even makes perfect mistakes.) After Mibs' father ends up in the intensive care unit following a car accident, Mibs wakes up on her birthday convinced that she has discovered her savvy and that it will wake up her father.
In order to get to her father in the hospital Mibs stows away on the pink bus of a bible deliveryman and is joined by a whole cast of fun and original characters including her brothers, Fish and Samson and the pastor's kids. The group winds up taking an unexpected and unforgettable adventure across Kansas and Nebraska.
I loved Mibs. I loved how determined yet unsure of herself she was. I loved her brother Fish and the way he looked out for his sister. All the characters in this book were just so wacky yet so lovable.
I thought this book was just utterly imaginative, unique and fun with lots of adventure and laughs thrown in as well. Law's writing just makes this book roll along at an engaging clip and kept me reading in the wee hours of the night.
I adored Savvy, want to read it again and highly recommend this book for preteen girls (or anyone who likes a really fun read).


Ms. Bookish said...

This is on my TBR pile. Enjoyed your review. I think I'll move it up closer to the top of that TBR stack.

Charlotte said...

I'm adding it to my list right now.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks, I'm adding it to my to-read list. Sounds fun!

Michelle said...

I'd pick up that book on the cover alone, it looks amazing - but it sounds amazing as well! Definately going on my list.