Monday, December 1, 2008

November Reading Review

I am so behind on reviews right now. I have not even finished October's reviews yet and it is December. I am going to put lots of effort into getting caught up this month so I can get all my 2008 books done before 2009 comes rolling in.

Books read
in November: 7
Total pages read in November: 1759
Yearly book count: 79

Juvenile Fiction:
Brooklyn Bridge by Karen Hesse

YA Fiction:
Paper Towns by John Green
Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Adult Fiction:
The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

Adult Non-Fiction:
The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
In an Instant by Lee and Bob Woodruff
America 1908 by Jim Rasenberger

Books Abandoned:
Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson
My curiosity about this book got the best of me. It was not poorly written so much as the story just did not pull me in. I think L.M. Montgomery told us everything we need to know about Anne before she came to Green Gables.

Ongoing Reads:
I started reading Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens this month. I would like to finish it by the end of the year but I know that won't happen. I am only about 100 pages into this 900+ page book. I might even set it aside and start back up again after the busy holiday season is over.

November Challenge Update
A Daring Book Challenge
9 books between 6/15/08 and 6/15/09: 0/9
Ongoing Challenge (to read the whole list): 28

A to Z Reading Challenge: 39/52
Not going to make it with this one. It was fun but I took the attitude of if it fits I'll use it and did not go out of my way to find books or authors that start with certain letters.

Decades Challenge 2008: 6/8
I still plan on finishing this one and have two books picked out to read this month.

Young Adult Reading Challenge: 10/12
Also finishing this one up this month.

Fall into Reading: 19/22
Only 3 more books to read in order to meet my goal of 22 books.

2009 Challenges: I've signed up for 10 challenges for 2009. I have my reading lists all made up and if I can actually stick to my lists I should be able to finish all 10 challenges and even make a dent in some of the perpetual challenges I've signed up for. Of course, sticking to my planned list is something I have a very difficult time doing.


Beth F said...
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Beth F said...

I did finish Before Green Gables and posted a review. But I agree that it didn't really add anything.

Irish said...

Looking foward to what you think about The uncommon reader ... I really loved the wee book ...