Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Title: T4
Author: Ann Clare LeZotte
Genre: Juvenile, Historical Fiction

Date Finished: 7 October 2008

My Rating: 4 Stars

Told in first person free verse, T4 tells the story of Paula Becker. Deaf since age two Paula has a happy and comfortable life at home, communicating with her family through her own unique sign language. Her life is changed forever when she is forced into hiding due to the Nazis' Action T4 which aims to euthanize the mentally and physically handicapped.

"T4 was run by doctors

Not soldiers

Or the Gestapo,

The secret police.

The directors were
Dr. Philip Bouhler

And Karl Brandt,

Hitler's private physician.

They were not good doctors

Who wanted to help people.

They were under direct orders

To kill the mentally ill

And people with disabilities.

It made no difference to them

If we were children or adults.
It was just a job to them."

The free verse style made this a compelling and moving book. T4 is a great introduction to an often untold episode from the horrific Nazi regime.

"A plaque

The victims

of Action T4

Was set in

the pavement

Where the offices

once stood.

The original

Had been destroyed

in the war.

people is

The best tool

we have

We must

make sure


like T4



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Kim said...

This looks interesting. I think I'll give it a try.