Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The President's House

Title: The President's House
Author: Margaret Truman
Genre: Historical Non-Fiction
Date Finished: 30 September 2008
My Rating:2 Stars

There is very little historical value to this book. To me this was pure "fluff" history. Too much of Margaret Truman and not enough facts. Because she lived in the White House Margaret Truman must think that makes her a credible source and therefore she did not need to cite one source, make any notes or even include a bibliography. There were direct quotes but no clue as to where they came from. Truman would also occasionally mention a book that someone else has written, even quote from it but not give the title of the book. All of this really irked me and the book lost pretty much all credibility as far as I'm concerned because of it.
I could have done with out many of Truman's personal observations and feelings as well as her little side comments like this one, "You might be surprised by this, I know I was." I guess this added a conversational tone to the book but I did not care for it. I also think that a good history of the White House should give us a little less of a partisan view than the one Truman gave us.
Overall, I was not too impressed with this book but there were just enough interesting stories and little bits of trivia to make it worth the time I put into it.


Beth F said...

Thanks for this review. I appreciate that you mentioned the lack of bibliography. I'll stay away from this one.

Kim said...

You are a very committed reader. I doubt that I could have finished 405 pages if I didn't really like the book. But it sounds like you did glean something from it so that's good.