Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913

Title: The Great Dayton Flood of 1913
Author: Trudy E. Bell
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 126
Date Finished: 10 September 2008
My Rating: 3 Stars

Reading this book is like looking through someones photo album filled with pictures from the flood of 1913. The only text comes as captions to the photos.
I picked this up while browsing at the library because I've always known there was a flood but never really learned anything about it.
"Beginning on Easter Sunday, March 23, 1913, torrential rains across the Midwest dropped a record three months of rainfall in four days. Floodwaters funneled down Ohio’s Miami Valley into the heart of the vibrant industrial city of Dayton. Levees burst, houses were swept away, and downtown was gutted by fires blazing from broken gas mains. At the end of Easter week, nearly 100 Daytonians had perished, and tens of thousands more were left homeless and destitute—a tragedy that made banner headlines in newspapers nationwide. Out of Dayton’s ashes and mud rose fierce public resolve never again to suffer such destruction."
Here are some pictures of the flood.
And here are a few pictures of the aftermath of the flood.This was not included in the book but I thought it was interesting. The boy in the picture below is named Cash because he was born at a National Cash Register factory during the flood.
This was an interesting read for me and I've found a few more titles on this subject that I look forward to reading.

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