Monday, September 8, 2008

Reading and Blogging for Darfur

Have all my readers been to the Maw Books Blog? If you have not you really should check her out. Especially this month because she is holding a campaign to raise money for Darfur.
Here is how it works (from Natasha's blog):
  • Commit to write a post (if you have a blog or website) dedicated to the Reading for Darfur campaign. Use the button shown here and link back to this page. For every person who does this I will donate 25 cents to a organization that makes a difference in Darfur. Put the button in your sidebar linking to this post during the entire month of September and I will donate 25 cents more.
  • Commit to visit my blog on a consistent basis during September. For each comment left anywhere on my blog all month I will donate 10 cents.
  • Commit to read any of the books or watch any of the documentaries listed on this page. For every book that you read or video you watch during September, I will donate 50 cents. If you have a blog and review that book or video I will donate $1. Leave me a comment on this post once you do, so I don’t have to hunt you down. I will link to your reviews during my weekly recaps.
  • Commit to donate a penny for every single page that I read during September (excluding picture books and easy readers).
  • Commit to donate 50 cents for every single post I publish during September.
  • Commit to donate a penny for every page I read AND 50 cents for every single post I publish.
  • And heck, if you want to write the post, put the button in your sidebar, comment on my blog, read a book, and sponsor me in my reading and blogging, then I won’t stop you!
I think what Natasha is doing is absolutely wonderful and would encourage you to head over to Maw Books blog to get more details and to participate.


Leslie said...

Very cool...I'll see if I can't get to this! Thanks.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Thanks Jeanette for posting! More appreciated than you know.

Sarah Mehrens said...

Jeanette, just a heads up -- we've posted the matches for the book swap over at my blog, so when you get a chance click on over for more information about what happens next.