Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Deadly Descent

Title: Of Deadly Descent
Author: G.G. Vandagriff
Genre: Mystery, LDS Fiction
Pages: 238
Date Finished: 29 July 2008
My Rating: 2 Stars

In this sequel to Cankered Roots, Alex and Briggie are in England to track down Alex's long lost cousins who don't know that they might be heirs to a rather large inheritance left by Alex's Grandfather. Shortly after arriving in England, Alex's new found cousins start turning up dead and of course, someone is after Alex as well.
I don't want to say this is the most enjoyable of the 3 novels by G.G. Vandagriff that I read because I don't know that I really enjoyed any of them. It was the one that had me rolling my eyes the least. Like Cankered Roots, the characters were poorly developed and flat. Only this time there were too many and I did not want to make the effort to try and keep track of all the characters when I did not really care about them. The ending was not very believable and the killer's motive was odd and weak. I found myself skimming over the parts when the characters started talking about religion, not because I have a problem with the topic but because it just did not fit in and made the story even more choppy.
I like a good mystery and while this one was clean, it was not very entertaining.

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Karlene said...

Thanks for the review. It's interesting to see different points of view on a book.