Friday, August 1, 2008

July Reading Review

So I've decided to try something new that I've seen some other book bloggers do, a monthly reading review.

This has been a slow reading month for me and an even slower month for writing reviews. I've read 8 books but only written about 3 of them! I'll be working on the rest this weekend.
The break down of the books I read goes as follows:
1 Juvenile Non-Fiction
2 Juvenile Fiction
2 Non-Fiction
3 Fiction

Juvenile Non-Fiction
The Dangerous Book for Boys

Juvenile Fiction
Bronte's Book Club (review coming)
Shooting the Moon (review coming)

Once Upon a Town
Sunflower Houses

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day(review coming)
Cankered Roots (review coming)
Of Deadly Descent (review coming)

Total pages in July: 1679
Yearly book count, so far: 48

July Challenge Update:
I did not finish any challenges during the month of July

Here is a list of the reading challenges I am currently participating in:
A Daring Book Challenge
9 books between 6/15/08 and 6/15/09: 0/9
Ongoing Challenge (to read the whole list) 28

Summer Reading Thing 2008: 11/38

Summer Book Trek 2008: 2/7

A to Z Reading Challenge: 29/52

Decades Challenge 2008: 8/8 (I've read books from 8 decades but they are not all in a row so I have not actually completed the challenge.)

Young Adult Reading Challenge: 3/12 (I am surprised I have only read 3 YA books. I've been reading a lot of Juvenile and not so many YA I guess.)

I have high hopes of a productive month of reading for August!

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Trish said...

What's the difference between junvenile and young adult? I get so confused and think the lines are already blurry. I was looking for a book the other day and the clerk wanted to know if it was YA or teen. I didnt realize there was a difference! According to him YA is 7th and 8th grade...?