Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reading Through History

Mrs. Brooke at More Than Rubies is hosting the Reading Through History Book Club. I really should not try to add more reading material to my night stand pile but I can not resist this one.
Mrs. Brooke said that "the aim of the book club is to read through the eras of history (via Classics, primary sources and relevant commentaries) over the course of four years. We will read works published during the time period and works written about the time period. There will also be 'extra credit' assignments of memorization work."
How can I resist?

For June we are reading:

  • The Declaration of Independence

  • The Constitution of the United States (incl. The Bill of Rights)

  • The Federalist Papers, by James Madison et al.
Discussion will start on July 5. I read some of the Federalist Papers in High School and more of them when I was at Ricks but it will be good for my brain to dip into these again. And of course we should always be familiar with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
I am really looking forward to participating in this book club. A huge thanks to Mrs. Brooke for hosting this.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm glad you joined!

Mrs. Brooke said...

Thanks for writing about it and spreading the word! I'm excited that you're going to join us, despite your current reading load. :)

Ganeida said...

Given the authors you seem to like you might enjoy Rumor Godden too. Let me know.