Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sunday Salon

The Sunday

Or is it Monday Salon? Yesterday was my anniversary so I did not post and I since I did not do a Salon post last week I thought I would pop in and write one real quick.

Every reader needs a challenge, right? I am still reading The Italian by Ann Radcliffe. I think it has been almost two weeks since I started it and I usually read about 2 books a week. I have thought about abandoning it but so far I've decided to keep at it. It is not that I don't like it, it is just a book that I can only read short snippets of at a time. It is interesting, for the most part, and so I am just going to keep pushing through.
I needed a break from The Italian and pulled the History of Joseph Smith by His Mother off my shelf. This is not exactly a light and easy read either but it is something different. I've read it before, probably about 10 years ago. So I am breaking one of my own reading rules by reading more than one book at once. I usually only read one book at a time because I don't like going back and forth between books.
I also started reading the Merry Wives of Windsor over the weekend but I will probably set it aside until I finish The Italian.

So, that is how my reading is going. Slowly plodding along.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I like your rule to read only one at a time. I'm always in the middle of 5 or 6 and I would probably be more focused if I would keep it to one.

Cheryl said...

I can't read more than one, even if I tried to. My brain won't allow for it. :)

My hardest challenge was Vilette by Charlotte Bronte. I think I re-started that book 4 or 5 times. But when I finished it, I ended up really liking it.
Oh, and anything by Dickens is a rough read, but that's just a given!

gautami tripathy said...

I am always reading three to five books at a time. Different genres!

Hope you had a great anniversary!

danica said...

I have a hard time reading just one book at a time too. Unless one really sucks me in, in which case I can't bear to lose any reading time on anything else! Right now I'm experiencing that in re-reading Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones... it's so complicated and exciting that it's hard to stop.

I think I may have technically posted a Monday Salon by accident this week too... one of these days I'll crank it out on time!

wisteria said...

Welcome to Sunday Salon. I have really enjoyed it, although I am a newbie as well. We have similar taste in our choice of blog theme. I hope to read yours often. Its great fun and I look forward to it.

wisteria said...

PS...Love the chair!!!