Friday, May 9, 2008

Confession and a Give Away

I have a confession. Are you ready? Here it comes....
I have never read anything by Stephanie Meyer. After hearing so much about her and the Twilight series I went out and bought Twilight several months ago. Like around the time my baby was born, so about 9 months ago. But I never read it. In fact I have not really even looked at it since I bought it.
There I said it. I feel much better.
There are more then 200 books on my TBR list right now. I keep saying I will read it soon but it keeps getting pushed further down the list.

In other news...
I recently accomplished a personal reading goal and to celebrate I am having my first give away! I am really excited about this. I have family in town right now but as soon as they leave and life gets back to normal I will post all the details.
Here is a little teaser. It is signed by the author and it is one of my recent reads that I loved and rated A.
Stay tuned for more details! :-)

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Debbi said...

Don't feel bad about not reading twilight. I know lots of girls who have read the first one and not finished the series. I think they are good books but I'm not obsessed.