Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture Books

We've got some really neat picture books checked out from the library right now.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker.
A fun spin on a nursery rhyme. The story starts with the mouse and at each hour a new animal comes along to interact with the mouse. I can't read this book to Red, I have to sing it.

Where's the Big Bad Wolf? by Eileen Christelow
This one is just too much fun! A mystery for the pre-school set.

"Whenever there's trouble on Detective Doggedly's beat, that low-down, no-good, chicken chasing, pig-poaching Big Bad Wolf is always the prime suspect. But when the three little pigs' house is huffed and puffed into a pile of straw and only a sheep named Esmeralda is found at the scene of the crime, Doggedly has a new mystery to solve: Where's the Big Bad Wolf?
With the help of some wise, elderly cows, Doggedly sniffs out the clues. But can he catch the culprit before the three little pigs are gobbled up?"

Eggs Mark the Spot by Mary Jane Auch

"Pauline is a hen with a special talent. She can lay an egg that has an image on its surface of whatever she sees. One day, the director of the Big City Art Gallery invites Pauline and her owner, Mrs. Pennywort, to an exhibit of famous paintings. The director asks Pauline to lay one egg for each of the paintings. Pauline is inspired...and gets carried away. Instead of copying the paintings, she does her own creations. But her talents come in really handy when an art thief tries to steal a Degas painting. Pauline provides clues to the burglary with her egg-laying skills and becomes a heroine in this hilarious companion to The Easter Egg Farm."
Another mystery for the pre-school set. This one is great for introducing some art and artists. It is a cute story.

When Dinosaurs came with Everything by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Small

Red and I absolutely love this one! Friday is Errand day, a day the boy in the story dreads.
Except this Friday is different because instead of getting stickers and balloons every where they go they get dinosaurs. Real, live dinosaurs. The boy is of course delighted, mom-not so much. We seriously love this book. Everything about it, the story and the illustrations. We got this from the library but we'll be buying our own copy very soon!

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