Saturday, April 12, 2008

For The Sake of Elena

Title: For the Sake of Elena
Author: Elizabeth George
Genre: Mystery
Date Finished: 11 April 2008
My Rating: 3 Stars

The 5th Inspector Lynley mystery was a bit to gratuitous for me. I've read the first four novels in the series and so I know Elizabeth George can be a bit graphic, but there was just to much in this novel for my tastes.
The other reason this is not a favorite Elizabeth George is because I did not care for the characters. The more I learned about the victim, the less I liked her. I found her manipulative, two faced attitude annoying. I understand that you are not necessarily supposed to like the victim, but this one just really bugged me more than the victims in previous books. I also thought her mother was just a tad to psychotic and her father was just messed up. For whatever reason, I just could not get into the characters and therefore could not get into the story. The ending left me feeling a bit cheated. I thought the motive for the murder was extremely flimsy and pushed the limits of a good mystery.
Lynley and Havers have fallen into a good partnership in this book. I do kind of miss all of Havers' crazy misjudgments of Lynley and the misunderstandings between them. I really enjoyed it when Lynley had a conversation with Havers in his head because he knew exactly how she would react to what he was thinking. What I enjoy most about this series is what goes on in the lives of the main characters outside of the investigations. (But the investigations are good too!)

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