Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Book Stack Tuesday

Is it really already Tuesday again? I only read one book last week! I am hoping this week will not be so crazy and I'll find more time to read. So I am being ambitious and I am putting down four books for my reading goal this week.

I, somehow, got really lucky and found a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns at the library. They usually have copies of popular books set aside in the Express Collection, which means you can only check it out for a week and you can't renew it or put holds on these copies. I've been watching and waiting for a copy to come in. I checked the computer before we went to the library and saw that there was one checked in. Yes! I quickly got the kids in the car and we took off. When I got there I did not see it on the shelf. I checked the computer again and sure enough, there were no copies, according to the computer. But then I turned around and sitting right there on the Express Collection shelf was a copy. Woohoo! It gets even better. It is not an express copy! I have it for the normal three weeks. How did that happen? Not sure but I am really glad because the book group at church is reading this book for April and I really want to participate.

I have two reviews to write. I was hoping to get them written up today but did not have time. Hopefully I'll get them done within the next few days.

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